Exterior Services

AFS is not your ordinary subsequent to having an accident auto repair/body shop. We are a world-class, shop that can turn your vehicle into custom or unique, safe and protected vehicle. 

AFS specialize in: Nano Technology High Grade Urethane Paint Protection Films (PPF, Clear Bra)Protect Your Investment against abrasion, scratches, chips and scuffs.  We have state of the art plotters and patented software/pattern database that allows: “cut to order” ON PREMISES" producing the perfect fit, Best Urethane Nano Technology Protection film for any are of any vehicle.

We Install Protection Films on the headlights as well as accident, break proof security and other type of films on the glass, windows of the vehicle. AFS not only tints windows, glass but can turn your windows into a work of art.

Body Striping, Art, Decals, Designs, Carbon or Mate Films could change the whole appearance of the car – AFS can give character to your vehicle.

AFS offers you Lettering & Advertisement which is similar to decals only this can help you express yourself and advertise. Wraps and graphics are a great way to change the whole appearance of your vehicle.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) - can get rid of that dent in your car without ruining the original paint job. Glass Polishing Headlight Restoration - can clear up cloudy headlight lenses.

Windshield Crack Repair, Wheel repair & much more!

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