Glass & Security Tint

Window tinting is the process  of a tinted plastic film to cover how many you want on a vehicle’s windows.  AFS window tinting can essentially increase a car’s appeal by avoiding the damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation that slowly but surely damage and fade a car’s interior.

The function of window tinting can in fact improve your driving safety in general by decreasing dangerous rays from the sun, awful weather and other lights. A safety feature for tinting films is that it adds shatter resistance to help keep glass intact on contact. The way window tint film works is one side of the film has an adhesive and the other is has a scratch-resistant coating. AFS offers a variety of the latest colors to choose from. This is a great way to customize your vehicle. Window tinting can be applied as a single application or in mixture with other features.

All films will not flake, peel, or bubble. There is no maintenance required of aftercare. Application of window tinting requires t skilled technique that AFS obtains. Window tinting should only be in the hands of experienced craftsmen, and it should be applied by the most experienced and skilled specialist. Here at AFS we will not disappoint you. You have our word Guaranteed.