Lettering & Advertisement

AFS offers you custom lettering and advertisement. Custom Lettering and Advertisement is sort of like custom decals and consists of vinyl letters applied singly on the windows or body of a vehicle. Lettering is used for advertising company names and phone numbers. This could sometimes be in combination with Decals to promote a bolder message. Lettering and Advertisement vehicle will help promote your business every second a person reads it and where ever you go. Think about your companies name, address and telephone number displayed your vehicle. Possible customers will see your companies info 24/7 wherever you go.

Best of all, you advertise even when you are parked. Lettering and Advertisement is one of the most effective advertising tools today. Whether you have a small company or a million dollar business your vehicles can be the largest advertising tool. Statics say an average vehicle that uses lettering and advertising makes about 16 million visual impressions in one year. This is a great way to advertise any thing you would like to regardless if you have a company or not. AFS is the place to get all of your customization needs done with the most precise procedure with excellent customer service.