Leather, Vinyl, Plastic Repair

Don't let a few cracks and worn out areas decrease the value of your vehicle!

It is unavoidable that your leather car seats will wear and age over time, some more than others. Cracked and worn out leather is still able to be dyed and conditioned back to good shape.

Auto Finishing Services specializes in restoring your leather/vinyl seats to its original or even better condition. AFS is trained and fully equipped to repair and restore the leather of your seats, dashboard, etc. to the color you prefer.

We have state of the art supplies that can handle most repairs such as; rips, tears, gouges, stains, fading, scratches, cigarette burns, scuffs, seams, touch ups, and much more! We will turn your car's interior back to great shape as if it were new again.

Damaged the plastic interior of a car that is not yours? No problem!

Accidents happen and AFS can help. We repair hard and soft plastic of your car's interior from scratches and gouges to look like new.

Below are just a few examples of the kind of work that AFS can do for you.


 This is of leather interior that has faded and scratched. We restore it to look as if it never got damaged.