There are a variety of things you can do to make your car more attractive, comfortable, and valuable just have at Auto Finishing Services.

Unlike most auto interior repair shops where an item that needs reupholstering must be sent to another place, we handle upholstery and refurbishment on-site, along with a full range of other services.

Our specialists are known for their thorough attention to pattern matching and seaming. They are skilled in any variety of detailing you may want. We upholster with only the most select, longest durable materials to offer many years of continued service. We as well custom dye stain and restore fabric, leather, vinyl, wood, metal and plastic.

Our Specialist are craftsmen at its best; adept in redesigning your existing interior. AFS can do complete Re-upholstery or Partial Re-upholstery, Tear Repair, Spot Cleaning, Full Machine Cleaning, Cigarette Burn Removal, Hand Stitching Machine Stitching, Re-Stuffing, Touch-Ups and More!

The three most important things to us are Quality,Satifation and Customer service. We work meticulously to deliver our best to you.